Embroidered skirt with birds and buttons

Aren’t you glad it’s Thursday? I sure am. That means it’s almost the weekend. And that means it’s time to get ready to go out! So, in celebration of the “almost” weekend I made a flirty skirt for the balmy spring evenings.

I found a super plain skirt at Old Navy for a super great price and decided it was time to make it cool. Of course “cool” to me means “add birds and buttons!”

Keep your eye out for a "blank Canvas" to add your style to.

draw your design on paper to get a sense of the layout. Cuttlebug shapes and choose buttons and thread.

chalk dust onto your fabric and see where your fun flair looks best.

I chose a tight zig-zag on my sewing maching to make a fat line. This defined my tree.

I embroidered the lines to define the tree and secure the birds. The simple Cuttlebug flowers were secured with a straight stitch.

What a great evening out. Cyndi and I met friends and had a yummy dinner and great conversation. Fun was had by all. Now I am ready for the weekend!


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  1. pezadoodle
    Apr 08, 2010 @ 01:47:04

    that is way too cute! i did not realize cuttlebug dies would cut through fabric! i hve drems of doing some of this with a few of my dughters things – mybe even some basic tshirt dresses with mtching appliques….


    • mixologycrafts
      Apr 08, 2010 @ 07:39:34

      Thank you so much!
      When using the Cuttlebug with fabric, it depends on what kind as to whether it will work. Wool felt—not the polyester kind found in must craft shops—works like a charm, and certain cotton fabrics when backed with a stabilizer will cut well too. You could use an iron-on one like Heat’n Bond Ultra Hold Iron-On Adhesive. Keep in mind paper dulls blades quickly (I will always remember mom saying to me as she handed over her pinking shears, “No Paper.”) So, if you have been using your Cuttlebug to cut paper, be aware it might not work great. If you really want to work a lot with fabric, get a set just for that purpose. Have fun and thanks for visiting Mixology Crafts!


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