Easy Paper Flower with Cricut

Now I’ve watched many a how-to on how to make paper flowers and I find that they are either so easy as to not look real enough, or so complicated they take days to make. So in an attempt to make a real looking flower that only takes about an hour (not including dry time) I used the Cricut to cut the petals and a soaking method to get a close-enough looking petal. Here’s the result, which I made into flair for my hair!

I used the “Strawberry” (in shift mode) from the Cricut “Preserves” collection to cut watercolor paper into a bunch of petals—what a time saver! Then I soaked the paper in water so it was pliable enough to bend. After applying magenta paint to one end, and yellow to the other I was able to hot-glue the petals together for this great effect.

Go HERE for a complete how-to. I am so inspired by its simplicity, I want to make a bunch more!

Shout out to Michelle in Australia who is running a Gypsy workshop for our Aussie Fans. Travel safe!


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