Ground control to Major Tom. (Nostalgia hits a coin purse)

So…am I aging myself with the David Bowie reference? It’s actually from my older sister’s “generation” — a good ten years my senior, but I still like it. David Bowie continues to be on my regular music rotation. Aaaannnnyyyway… the point being, my craft this week made me wax nostalgic.

I was playing around with my new Robotz cartridge and discovered the most delightful thing…when I cut out some of the heads they looked like televisions. Televisions like the ones we used to crowd around as a kid. You know the kind—the tiny set with the foil wrapped around the broken antenna for better reception. Did anyone have any channel other than NBC?

I can clearly remembermy little sister and me (her at 5, me at 7) waking up at 5:30 in the morning on Saturday to wait for Bugs Bunny to start at 6 a.m. We would literally turn on the TV and watch the static for a half-hour so not to miss a second of the program. I don’t know where we got the energy (or patience). In any case this craft goes out to my great little sister—Erin—who I shared many early mornings watching snow on a six-inch television set with a broken antenna.

I set the Cricut cartridge to cut Robo 25 (layer 2/shadow) out of vinyl. I was able to buy just six inches which made this project inexpensive as well as fun (vinyl cuts like butter!) Then I simply sewed onto a gray vinyl and made a small coin purse out of it. To make it “mine” I screen printed onto ribbon (using the Yudu) the nickname I gave my pet chicken Luna…”loop d loo.” I think this little number might  get me to finally open an Etsy Shop!

Ciao for Now,


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