Twilight Lounge Outfit Team Edward:


“Twilight Inspired: Lounge Outfit “Edward will you Scrap with Me”

Twilight Scrappers Lounge Pants and T-Shirt

Edward Will you Scrap with Me

Supplies Used:

Provo Craft

  • Yudu
  • Transparency
  • Silver,blue,white, red, and red wine Yudo ink
  • 220 screen
  • T-shirt and pants platen
  • Emulsion sheets

Other Materials:

  • Iron
  • Crystals
  • Glitter glue
  • Fabric Tac beacon adhesives
  • Cardstock
  • Tape
  • Tshirt and lounge pants black


Directions: T-Shirt

  • Design your transparency. (I used the twilight font and then a star light brush to add a starburst effect. I work in CS3 and use the standard 8 ½ x11 page size
  • Follow the instructions for burning the screen. Make sure to line up the design in the right place.
  • Make sure to let the screens dry completely before printing
  • Make sure you tape off the screen where you are not using it so the paint does not come through.
  • I use cardstock and tape to block out the extra designs I am not using for the screen print.
  • Take the silver, white, and blue more blue than the other 2 colors. Make sure to pull the design through once. Lay it down and screen print without lifting pull twice.

Directions- Lounge Pants

  • Create the design for the heart and the phrase (Edward will you scrap with me).
  • Make sure to do it in layers and line it up to match the size of the heart.
  • Use the leg platen line it up to where you would like the design to go. I lost all my designs on my computer so I used the same screen as I did for the shirt.
  • I covered up the word twilight and did the scrappers word first same as with the shirt.
  • I left space about 2 inches for the heart
  • I than covered the scrappers and screen printed the word Twilight.
  • In the space in the middle I screen printed the heart red let it dry than I screen printed the phrase in white.

Directions for both

  • Heat set the design on both pieces.
  • Once set use a fabric glitter glue and add the sparkle to the letters and the starbursts.
  • Using fabric tac add crystals to the letters and the starbursts
  • You are done


Make sure to make all sorts of Twilight scrap gear. I will be adding many Twilight inspired projects as I am Team Edward.

Have a creative day

Michelle Van Etten


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  1. tracy
    May 05, 2010 @ 11:47:09

    This is so cool.


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