Cindy Loo hits country-side chic

I got my hands on the new Provo Craft Cindy Loo Cartridge last week and I have been having so much fun! My mother-in-law (who I totally love!) is in town for the week, from Chicago,  so I made her a cute little picture frame.  I will put a picture of my girls in it for her to take home.  I love it –  this cartridge makes me think of the country side but in a chic up-state N.Y. sort of way! I used purple, grey and teal vinyl to cut different images from the Cindy Loo Cartridge. I used left over vinyl pieces to cut the grass and bird house hanger, by hand. I also cut apart the doily into pieces to create something truly my own! I like to mess with the designs a bit to put my own spin on them! You can make this project with any of the cartridges and any color combination of vinyl. For your best bet choose a glass or plastic frame – the vinyl will stick best to those surfaces. Click here for the Vinyl Picture Frame How To.  Have fun with it and happy crafting!  xoxo Lovely Lula

Close up of frame made from cut vinyl

Picture frame created with cut vinyl


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