Screenprinting on Shrink Plastic Ohh the Possibilities…

Butterfly Bead Rosettes Headband

        By Michelle Van Etten


Supplies Used:

Provo Craft



Crcicut cartridges Home Accents, Storybook , and Picturesque

220 yudu screen

Black ink and brown ink

Shrinky Dinks frosted and white

Stamping up markers

Beaded wire same instructions for beaded Rosette tutorial

Head band dollar store

Purple thick ribbon

Fabri tac


Follow instructions for the beaded Rosette from my earlier jewelry tutorial. Make 3 rosettes and link them together using the beaded wire.

Watch the video for how to screen-print on Shrinky Dinks material with the Yudu.
Lace the ribbon through the rosettes using fabric tac or a hot glue gun glue the ribbon with rosettes to the headband.

And that is it I hope you enjoy making beautiful headbands for your daughters.

 Thank you

Have a creative day

Michelle Van Etten

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