Hand Painted Flowers Homespun Apron

Happy Wednesday I love to create fashion items that have a sense of fun with a vintage twist. I search out fabrics that are playful and trims that are homespun. This apron was a project I worked on for many days. I created a screen for the title label, I painted the roses stems, and created the flowers using the same technique as the sassy sandals. This tutorial is going to focus on creating the flower stems.

Provo Craft:


Cartridge Picturesque


Yudu ink wine, olive, blue, and yellow

Black cardstock bazzill

Fabric unknown

Paint brush Kaiser

Beacon adhesives Fabric Tac

Painters tape

The patches are from Melody Ross homespun collection

Fabric and main trim unknown

Apron and fringe trim Prima

To create the flower stems, cut out using sturdy cardstock or thin chipboard the flowers from your favorite cartridge. I used Picturesque Cartridge shadow feature 3rd row 2 in on the left side.  I wanted my roses to go around the entire apron bottom in descending order. So I cut them at different sizes and the largest was at 8 and so on down to 4.5 inches. I was not concerned with actual flower part from the cut out. I wanted the stems. I lined the flowers up around the apron to get the proper placement, and realized I only wanted to use the 3 large flowers. Once I had I all the flowers lined up, I removed the cutouts in the center and started creating the stems. I taped the negative of the flower image to the apron. Using the Yudu inks I hand painted the stems onto my apron. I used a combination of yellow and blue to make a light green, and for the shading I used the olive color. After I added all the stems I sealed the paint by heat setting it. I than added a thin coat of lumineres to make it sparkle and shine.

The logo was also created using the Yudu and wine colored ink.

I hope you have fun creating your own flowers with painted stems.

Have a Creative Day,

Michelle Van Etten



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