Organization for the whole family

Now that the kids are older and active, there’s a lot of things to remember. Nick is taking a summer basketball camp and his schedule changes every week. Alli is full time with her girl friends while school is out and Jack, as a teenager, is just plain hard to keep track of. So I made this board as command central for everyone. Any notes mom wants to leave for Jack, or to figure out how to structure her day around a sporting event, can be accomplished on this pretty board.

The names were cut on the Cuttlebug using Alphabet Curls and Swirls out of Imaginisce paper from the Live Loud line. I was charmed by the rock-n-roll robot and guitar from the chipboard stickers called Rock the Beat. And here’s how I made this simple craft:

1. Cover an existing cork board with three colors of broad cloth found at your local fabric store. A light spray of adhesive will keep it in place while you attach the ribbons.
2. “Hide” the seams between colors with ribbon, tacky gluing to the front and wrapping the ends to the back.
3. Hot glue the edges of fabric and ribbon to the back.
4. Glue and tack a pretty ribbon to the back.
5. Use the Cuttlebug with the Curls and Swirls Dies to die cut names out of patterned paper.
6. Attach embellishments to add flair, and you’re done!

I hope you are having a great Summer!



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