Emboss Metal on Cuttlebug for Cuff Bracelet

Now that I know the magic of the Cuttlebug I can make all the jewelry I want. Lately I have been attracted to the “tough but cute” cuff bracelet, the kind Wonder Woman is famous for.

Here is what I did to make this bracelet emblazoned with the phrase “Love Birds” (in homage to my two fantastic parakeets, for whom I love.)

• Buy two pieces of thin sheet metal (I chose tin and copper) from a hardware or hobby store.

• Determine the correct size for your arm by wrapping a piece of paper around your wrist…be sure to leave allowance for folding the metal over an eighth inch all the way around. The metal is sharp! You’re going to want to protect yourself.

• You’ll need 10mm letter punches if you want to put your own words on the bracelet (I bought mine here.) Otherwise you can run both layers though the Cuttlebug.

• Cut the metal bands using tin snips or heavy duty scissors—watch the edges! They’re sharp!

• Select the patterns you would like embossed into the metal from the large line of Provo Craft embossing folders. For mine, I chose the Typeset Folder, ‘cuz you know me and the letters. With a rubber mallet I punched the words into the tin and embossed the copper with the folder.

• Using the rubber mallet and the edge of my work surface, hammer the edges over to hide the rough edges.

• Adhere the two metals together using brads, and you’re done

Now get in that invisible jet and go save the day!

xox~ Sarah, 26 Letters


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