Colorful Lampshade (Gypsy)


Happy Wednesday from Trendyscrapper Studios

Today’s Project is a lamp I created for my son’s teacher. James was in kindergarten and the teacher has a very bright and colorful room. I think this will make a nice addition to the already colorful décor. I am a huge fan of flowers and ribbon. I have buckets of buttons but usually do not know what to do with them, but this just worked out perfect. I hope you enjoy this project and take this idea to create your own super cool lamp shade.

Supplies Used

Provo Craft


Cartridge: Georges Basic Shapes (triangle)

Other supplies

Lamp shade white

Red paint

House painting brush

Artificial flowers 2 colors

Assorted buttons

Ribbon 2 different sizes 4 colors

Glue gun


1)   Paint the lamp shade in your desired color. I used a little water to cut the red paint and make it go on smoothly. Malia helped me paint. Set the lamp shade aside to dry.

2)   I used 12×12 school house paper die cuts with a view.

3)   Design the layout on the gypsy. I used Georges basic. I created one triangle the size 3 inches by 6 inches. I duplicated and flipped the triangle. I lined one on top and one on the bottom of a 6×6 square. So when cut I will have 4 triangles all the same size. I than duplicated that design square into the other 3 quadrants of the 12 x12 mat. I cut 6 different sheets to have different patterns represented on the lamp shade.

4)   Next I lined the top of the shade with the triangles with points angling down. Next using two of the same patterns I added the triangles to the middle of the lamp shade one on each side with the large side under seem. I used the glue gun to glue all the triangles in place.

5)   To cover up the edges I layered a small ribbon on top of a larger ribbon and adhered over the seams on the lamp tucking the ribbons under shade.

6)   The blue bow was 1st created than glued to the center of the triangles in the middle on each section.

7)   I used to colors of flowers and lined the whole top of the shade.

8)   I than took an assortment of regular primary buttons and shape buttons to create the bottom border.

9)   The final touch in design was adding another flower at the end of each seam with a button center. Finish it off with name, date, and a few other embellishments and you are done.

I hope you enjoyed this project and if you create a lamp please send me the pictures. I would love to feature your wonderful creations.

Have a Super Creative Day

Michelle Van Etten


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