Cuttlebug your way into new jewelry

Now that I have discovered the joy of making my own jewelry with the Cuttlebug, I will never have to buy another piece again. I can get all the raw materials at the hobby store near my home and in one afternoon I can be dressed up and ready to go with a new bit of bling.

How To make a Cuff Bracelet:

  1. Buy light gauge copper at a hardware or craft store
  2. Choose an embossing folder to your liking (This one is called “Typeset“)
  3. Place the copper in the folder and run it through the Cuttlebug
  4. Use pliers to fold over the sharp edges
  5. Gently bend to the shape of your wrist
  6. Add to it by punching holes and fastening with colored embroidery thread. This picture has a hand hammered plate on top that reads “xox Birds”.

The other bracelet in this photo is foam cut with the 3×3 inch Circle Frame Die. I went on to cut a whole stack of these for my 10 year old niece for her birthday. She loved them!

Happy crafting, Sarah xox


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Rachel Hawkins
    Jul 22, 2010 @ 03:40:44

    Awesome idea! Love the idea of the stacked foam bracelets!


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