Skull and Cross Bones Necklace

I have had a roll of window screening laying around, left over from another project and got to thinking how could I make some jewelry out of that? I grabbed my Cuttlebug and my Skull and Crossbones die called Beware and went for it. For one of the pieces I used pink embroidery thread around the outer edges and then coated it with a stiffener. The next piece was made from a plastic sheet I picked up at a hobby shop. I ran this one through the cutting die and then the matching embossing folder, I used pink flocking for the eyes. For the final piece I covered it in pink craft paint which will fill in some of the holes and then top coated it with stiffener. The black and white fabric came from a scarf that I found at a dollar store and ripped up to make little shredded pieces to tie on. Finally, I put everything onto a hot pink plumbers chain I picked up at a local bead store. You could create a necklace like this using any Cuttlebug dies and embossing folder combos. For my Tutorial Click Here: Skull and Cross Bones Necklace How To Happy crafting xoxo Cyndi aka Lovely Lula


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