Rose Toe Ring

Rose Toe Ring

Large flower and butterfly rings are all the rage right now. They are also very expensive. I have seen them for over 75.00. I decided I liked the ring but I was going to make my own. i love the flexibility my crciut gives me to make all my crafting desires a reality.

By Michelle Van Etten
Supplies Used:
Provo Craft Products:
Gypsy wandering

Fabric Tac
Gold wire
Wire cutters
Liquid laminate

Copyright Michelle Van Etten September 2010

Directions: PDF File

1. On the Gypsy Wanderings I used the flower on the 3 rd row 6th one in from the right. Cut 2 flowers at 2inches, 2flowers at 1.5 inches, and 2 flowers at 1 inch.
2. Layer all the petals together and start molding the petals under. Offset your layers.
3. Once the flower is molded feed a piece of wire through the center.
4. Cover the flower and between petals with liquid laminate make sure to cover the complete rose. Set aside to dry
5. To create the base I added a piece of green felt glued it to the bottom of the flower and ran the wire through the bottom of the felt
6. For the ring I measured my finger than wrapped the wire around the finger 3 times.
7. I than wrapped in tight spiral the wire around the 3 pieces of wire forming the ring. Once the spiral was complete and the flower dried. I wrapped the wires from the flower around the top of ring to securely anchor the flower in the center.
8. Once secured the I took another piece of wire to help stabilize the flower by wrapping around the center under the felt and flower.
9. Add a rhinestone or pearl to the center.


Copyright Michelle Van Etten

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Clare Dempsey
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 09:29:16

    Thanks for this wonderful idea. It is nice to make something off the page sometimes. I might be making some soleless sandals with this flower! Thanks!


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