YUDU ants on a tablecloth

It’s an endless summer here in Phoenix so I am in summer mode right up to October first. Since next week begins the Holiday postings I thought one more summer post would do.

With the YUDU, I screen printed ants onto a picnic table cloth to add a bit of whimsy to the table. I use it all summer long when eating outdoors. The kids love it, especially the little ones who count them.

How to make an ant screen for the YUDU:

  1. On transparency, draw your ant pattern with a black marker. Or, download this ant-pattern and print onto transparency.
  2. Follow the directions for applying the emulsion and burning your designHere is a video how-to >>
  3. Buy fabric from a store or use an existing table cloth.
  4. Estimate the place-areas and print your design in each place. Or, run the pattern over and over to make the ants look like they are running across the table.

I hope your summer was super and you are looking forward to the Holidays. Tune in next week~

xox Sarah


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