Make a trick-or-treat bucket

A simple sand pail turned into a crazy trick-or-treat bucket with the addition of fabric strips, and googly eyes (thanks to green foam cut on the Cuttlebug). The center eyes were found at a dollar store in the scrapbooking section.

Here’s how to make this treat pail:

  1. Buy (A) a purple sand pail, (B) green craft foam, (C) 1-inch googly eyes at a dollar store
  2. Tear up an old white sheet or get one from the thrift store
  3. Wrap and hot glue the strips of white fabric to the pail
  4. On the Cuttlebug, use the Funky Circle Frame die with the green craft foam to cut 2 sets of circles
  5. Assemble the circles in each set so they overlap, and glue (See photo above)
  6. Glue each eye background onto the pail
  7. On top of each eye background, glue the google eye.

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