Yudu Screenprinted Halloween Candy Purse

Yudu Screenprinted Purse

Happy Halloween to all our blog followers. I am gearing up for the holiday creating al my projects around this fun holiday. I love my Yudu and creating super cool one of kind designs. malia told me she wants a candy bag too. So tomorrow is screen printing day shirts for kids and candy bags. I hope everyone is having a super fun Wednesday.

HalloweenYudupurse instructions

Provo Craft Supplies Used:



12×12 mat


 Happy Hauntings

Pumpkin Carving



Dollar store purse and flower

Gypsy file Yudu Design

Happy Hauntings  Happy Halloween Phrase 2.41Hx6.83W

Pumpkin Carvings  Vampire Seal 2.41Hx2.50W

1st bring the phrase in at this size and then add the vampire seal at the size stated bring the seal over to the end of the happy and overlapping the Halloween 6.45X and 9.15Y

Than weld the two together

Copyright Michelle Van Etten 

I am teaching 2 classes at www.mycreativeclassroom.com

Cricut Cake 101

Prima Clearly Creative

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