Learn how to cut new shapes with the Gypsy

This scarf was screen printed on the YUDU from the Country Life cartridge. I loved the tree on that cartridge but there isn’t the tree without the leaves~and I far prefer a bare tree…in pictures anyway. Here, I added the white birds in hand-cut felt and a strip at the bottom. Now I’m all ready for Winter!

Here’s how to use the Gypsy to make this leafless tree:

  1. On your Gypsy, select the tree (with shift off) and another tree (with shift on). You should have the out line of the lollipop-looking tree and the top layer that is the “leaves”
  2. Go back to your art board. There should be a lollipop tree and the top part of the tree next to it. They will be grouped.
  3. Tap twice on the tree top (the outline will turn purple).
  4. Move the tree top over the lollipop tree until it’s lined up perfectly.
  5. Go to the Advanced tab and click the Eye…this will check your cut. See below…
  6. Now, hook the Gypsy up to the Cricut and cut. Toss the leftover paper or save for another project

Have fun this Holiday season!



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