Bird Covered Branch

I created this black bird covered branch in the Halloween Spirit  but if the colors were changed it could be used any time of the year as a great decoration.

Directions to make this project:

1. Get a small tree branch from you neighborhood. Lay it out on top of newspaper.

2. Spray paint the entire thing, allowing for drying time in between coats. For this project I used a metallic flat black.

3. Once dry, place the base of the branch into a glass vase. Fill the vase with a weighted item of your choice. For my project I used yellow popcorn kernels.

4. Next, using your Cricut, black card stock and any of the Halloween cartridges cut out birds in all different sizes from 1 inch to 5 inches. The Halloween cartridges include: Happy Hauntings, October 31st and Pumpkin Carving.

5. Peel the birds off of the Cricut sticky mat, place them all over the branch and back them with standard scotch tape to hold them in place.

6. For a final touch and to add a little bling, paint a wing on using glitter.

Happy Halloween and Happy Crafting xoxo Cyndi, aka Lovely Lula.


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