Key Jewelry Piece

It is jewelry week again here at Mixology Crafts and I have been going to town with porcelain ceramics. My collection of Cuttlebug Embossing folders is the the perfect match for clay jewelry.

To make this I used Coleman porcelain and cone 06 glazes in a mini electric kiln that plugs into a regular 110 outlet in your home. FYI – you could also easily make this necklace by using Sculpey or Fimo.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Ready the clay by kneading it a bit to soften it. Roll it into a ball.

2. Place the ball of clay on top of the embossing folder of your choice. To make this key I used the Cuttlebug Vintage Collage embossing folder. Press the clay by hand on to the embossing folder until flat, with the palm of your hand about a 1/4 inch thick. If you want your piece to be a necklace make a hole now using a straw.

3. Lift the clay and place it off to the side on a piece of parchment paper. Now cut around the shape, with a craft knife, removing excess and overflow pieces of clay to get the shape you desire. Smooth edges with a small amount of water if needed. NOTE: Never use too much water when working with clay because it will just melt and fall apart.

4. Repeat the method in numbers 1 and 2 to make as many pieces as you are interested in making.

5. Once all of the pieces are made transfer them to a board or tray covered in newspaper. With all the pieces resting on top of the newspaper, cover the entire thing in dry cleaner plastic for several days so that the pieces dry slowly. NOTE: drying ceramics too quickly will cause them to crack.

6. Remove the plastic and allow them to dry for another day or two. NOTE: Never put wet ceramics into a kiln they will just blow into pieces.

7. Place the dry ceramics (called greenware) onto kiln shelves and/or kiln furniture

8. Close the lid, set the dials according to the manufacturers directions, place the firing cone and let it run it’s course for 24 hours.

9. Once it is completely cool, open the kiln. Some popping and pinging noises will occur – this is normal. Your pieces will now be “bisqued” – this means fired pottery that is unglazed. Pull them out and set them on a table .

10. Pull out your glaze colors and a small paint brush. Cover the pieces in the glazes. Once the glazes are dry coat them all over with a clear glaze if you want them to come out shiny.

11. To glaze fire repeat steps 7, 8 and 9.

12. Now use ribbon, string or t-shirt yarn to make the necklace “chain” part of your pieces.

Give, wear and enjoy! Happy crafting xoxo Cyndi aka Lovely Lula


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