YUDU Your Pie Love

It’s pie season so why not declare your love by making a tee-shirt. This one says Pie + Ice Cream = Yum. Isn’t it true – it’s the perfect combination. Make them for all the family coming to Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Here’s how to make it:

1. Grab tee-shirts in the sizes of your family members.

2. Cut the pie icon and the ice cream icon out of black card stock on your Cricut.

3. Cut the equal sign, plus sign, Pie and the YUM also on your Cricut or cut by hand like I have here.

4. Use these black cut outs to ready your YUDU screen

5. You use orange YUDU  ink for all shapes but the ice cream, where you’ll use white ink and the word Pie where you’ll use brown ink.

6. Pull the ink through the screen onto your tee-shirt. repeat this for all the tee-shirts you want to print.

7. Once the tee-shirts are fully dry, outline the shapes with a fine point sharpie marker.

8. Iron the design to ensure that they don’t wash out.

Give as gifts! Wear your pie love with pride!

Happy Fall and Happy Crafting xoxo Cyndi aka Lovely Lula


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