Felted wool wallet with handmade ceramic button

What I love about the CuttleBug folders is that they come in handy for so man crafty projects. I find I am reaching for my box of embossing folders every weekend for one thing or anther. Like last weekend, I bought a block of porcelain to make buttons for these felted wool wallets. After several attempts at making traditional styled buttons (you know the kind~with the 2 or 4 holes in them) I landed on the best idea yet. Squish a ball of clay into the Polka Dot folder and voila! Beauty! Here’s how you do it:

Felt wool:
Set your washing machine to hot with a cold rinse cycle and add detergent. Toss in an old wool sweater with a pair of jeans. Tip: felting wool takes heat AND agitation. If you have more than one sweater you may not need the jeans.

Make the Pouch:
Once the wool is felted. Cut and sew a simple pocket. Follow this guide on how to make the pouch.

Make the button:
Finally, and this is if you have access to a kiln, use any one of the excellent embossing folders to press designs into balls of clay. pinch one side and poke a hole in it~this is where you’ll run thread to attach to the pouch.

Have fun!


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