Baby Glam baby Gift Set

I was a guest on the passionatly artistic blog. I created this adorable outfit and since it is fashion week.  I wanted to add it to this weeks post. I know we have a whole lot of new people viewing the blog from the newsletter article. I love to create and sewing is now a new found fun for me. Here is a cute no sew project.

How to: Onesie

  • Screen print phrase on front
  • Using heat bond seal to fabric for paisley on the shirt. Cut the paisley and iron on
  • Add ric-rac and rhinestones




How to: Pants

  • Screen-print on the bottom of the pants
  • Add the ruffle on the bottom of the pants
  • Add the brown elastic and the ric-rac
  • Add the rhinestones and the ric-rac roses


  • Pink onesie and the pink pants
  • White burp cloth
  • ¼ yard of fabri
  • Scissors
  • Hem tape
  • Fabric-tac
  • I-rock
  • Swarovski crystals
  • Ribbon
  • Heat and bond
  • Ric-rac
  • Brown elastic band
  • Yudu
  • Peacock ink
  • screen

Have a Super Creative Day!!
Michelle Van Etten


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