Scull charms

Happy Thursday! I have a quick and easy project for you all today! This did get a little tricky on me…. so maybe not SO easy, but it is quick! And once you get the hang of it, it IS easy 😉 Yesterday I purchased oven-bake clay and today I used it! There were several trial and error times with this today, but the easiest way I found to use the clay and the embossing folders was to make a little ball of clay and smoosh it onto tin foil so it is flat, but still round. I took my Rock Princess embossing folder and gently pressed it onto the clay. The clay sticks to the embossing folder more so than the tin foil, so it was tricky to get the impression without pulling and distorting the clay, but I just made sure I was very careful! Then, I baked it according to the directions, let it cool and painted it.

I also added rhinestones for eyes and ribbon… Voila! Cali wore it and said it is SO pretty – lol! I bet that my other two girls are going to be fighting over the other one 😉 Should have made 3!

Even though there was a learning curve, I really enjoyed working with clay! Try it, you may like it too!

Provo Craft Products:
Rock Princess Embossing Folder

Other Supplies:
Creative Impressions ribbon
Helmar’s Gemstone Glue
FolkArt Glimmer Paint

See you all next week!
Becky Teichmiller
My Blog
Helmar Educator


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