Scull Shirt

Happy Thursday to you all!! Unfortunately, I don’t have a Yudu, so I do the best with what I have. Today I am going to share a shirt that I decorated using only my cricut. And this is so easy that even my 6 year old created one all by herself!

A few weeks ago my daughter wanted to decorate t-shirts at her Birthday Party. So, I gave her the option of using one of the sculls as a stencil from the Rock Princess Cartridge and she was elated! Her friends loved this idea too! They also LOVED my cricut and that awesome designs from the Rock Princess Cartridge 🙂 The were ohhing and ahhing with every page flip – lol!

I used a thick piece of Bazzill cardstock and cut my scull (p76) at 5.5″. I taped the cardstock to my shirt, made sure I placed a piece of chipboard in the shirt so the paint wouldn’t leak though tho the back and dabbed fabric paint inside the stencil. I let it dry before adding my next layer. I cut the bow (p68) I think the one I used was 5″. I had cut so many that I don’t remember what size I ended up using – eeek! So, I did the same thing with the bow. The girls took a different approach to decorating their sculls after we painted the scull on their shirts, I will have to post a picture of their’s over the weekend since I don’t have pictures right now. And just a little tip that I learned along the way…. I tried to do the bow freehand at first and it looked awful! I wiped the paint off right away and luckily it didn’t ruin the shirt. Although, the pink did smudge a little. It was well worth the time to cut the bow and paint it in 😉

Provo Craft Supplies:
Cricut Create
Rock Princess Cartridge

Other Supplies:
Old Navy Shirt
Misc. Fabric Paint
Bazzill Cardstock

So, until you get that Yudu that you always have wanted (LIKE ME!), it doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate your own fabrics! It’s no where near as perfect as the Yudu can do, but it sure is fun! Your turn to have fun and mix it up!

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