Love Brownies

What’s better for home week then home cooking. This week I am sharing the brownies I made for Valentine’s Day and decorated with powdered sugar. What made these extra special? I used my Cricut and the Valentines Day Cartridge: Love Struck to cut out paper “candy hearts” designs. I laid those paper cut outs on top of the brownies and used a flour sifter to coat with powdered sugar. Results? Love, kisses and a smiles all around.

Step 1: Mix up Brownie Recipe. For my homemade brownies click here: Valentines Brownies

Step 2: Pour the mix into a 5 inch pan.

Step 3: Take out of the oven, allow to cool, place paper cut outs on top

Step 4: Fill a hand squeeze flour sifter with powdered sugar and coat the top of the brownie. Remove paper hearts.

Step Five: Enjoy!

Happy Crafting and Happy Eating – Yum! xoxo Cyndi aka Lovely Lula


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