Yudu fabric becomes a headband

I am making dresses for my little niece and I create headbands to match. In the process of figuring out how to cover little headbands with matching fabric I came up with an idea for my own headbands.

I find fabric I love and screenprint patterns (with the YUDU of course)  than I cover old or dated headband that I no longer wear. Here’s How:

  1. Dig out headbands that you no longer wear or that you regret buying because you realized the pattern was not that good after all.
  2. take a piece of fabric that you have screen printed (or not) and wrap it inside out around the headband.
  3. pin to itself, so that you can slide the headband out.
  4. Slide the headband out.
  5. Run a straight stitch on the machine to create a tube
  6. Turn right-side-out
  7. Slit the headband in the tub
  8. Close the ends by folding over twice and hand darning.
  9. TIP: try variations on the looseness to amek the fabric look like a tied head scarf. It stays in better and give that sexy 60s look.

Happy crafting,



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