Mini Album – I Believe in Family Together at the Beach

This week I thought it would be fun to make an album with pictures from our trip to the beach Memorial Day weekend. I had been meaning to do something with these photos since it was such a great trip and I have so many fond memories from the day.

I had fun using the Cricut cartridge Create a Critter. I would not have normally thought of this cartridge when making a beach album, but several of the shapes were so versatile. They looked perfect in this vintage beach album.

While I was writing the journaling, I thought I would write about what we physically did (play in the sand, make sand castles etc…) but instead I ended up writing more about how I felt when I looked at the pictures and I think that is ok. While so often we get got up in the products and the art of scrapbooking, sometimes we loose sight of the ultimate purpose – to share a story. So remember when you are journaling it is ok to write about other things than what is happening in the photo. You can write about how you felt, the emotional part that you may not get from just looking at the photos. Tell a story… your story.

I hope you enjoy the project and here are the instructions:

1. Cover – Paint the cover of an album with modeling cream and white acrylic heavy body paint to give the cover a textured whitewash distressed look. Add an antiqued tag, monogram letter, flower, and ticket. Add title and tie a ribbon on the left side.

2. Page 1 – Adhere picture to the center. Add journaling below. Tie a ribbon and trinkets on the left side of the page.

3. Page 2 – Adhere picture to the center. Add journaling to the bottom and stamp on the top of the photo. Add embellishments (flower, heart, and washer).

4. Page 3 – Fold over a transparency to make a tab and staple in place. Add a barrette to the photo and adhere to the center of the page. Add journaling to the bottom of the page.

5. Page 4 – Fold the page inward to create a flap. Add a tag to the top and adhere the photo towards the top of the page. Add embellishments (ticket, rubons, and flowers).

6. Inside of Page 4 – I used this hidden area to journal more. I used the stamp accessory from the snail. I cut out the the shape at 2.5″.  Adhered this to the left side of the page and journaled around it.

7. Page 5 – I had used a tag to cut out the shift Accessory of the stamp. I used the negative on this page and journaled on top of it.

8. Page 6 – Add a strip of Tim Holtz tape and adhered the picture on the left hand side. Added embellishments and stamp.

9. Page 7 – Adhere the photo in the upper right hand corner. Add embellishments to the left side of the photo. Cut out the accessory to the octopus and placed on the right side of the photo.  I set it to 4.5″. Add a strip of transparency for a tab. Stamp message and adhered to the page. Add journaling below.

10. Page 8 – Add photo to the center of the page. Adhere embellishments and the whale (layers 1 and 2) to the right hand side. I used the setting 2.75″. Add journaling below photo.

11. Page 9 – Add photo and journaling below. Staple ribbon at the top of the page.

12. Page 10 – Adhere photo and add embellishments. Journal below photo.

Notes: Since my pages were pretty heavy with embellishments I decided to adhere a piece of cardboard in between each page to give it extra durability. I also glued just three sides of the pages together, leaving the top open for tags and more journaling pieces.


Addison Paige

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43 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carrie Sherrer
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 08:21:24

    What a great book!!!


  2. Shawnee
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 08:32:15

    Very nice album. Great photos!


  3. Linda Kindell
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 08:37:35

    Lots of memories in a beautiful little book.


  4. Kimberly Grommes
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 08:57:26

    I love looking for different ways to use my cartridges! Thanks for sharing your beautiful book!


  5. Eveline
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 09:06:25

    wow this is so beautifull , great job thanks for sharing.



  6. Lara
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 09:12:04

    This is really pretty. What do you do with all the mini albums that you make? I am setting up a bookshelf just for my scrapbooks.


  7. mixologycrafts
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 09:16:05

    I normally leave mine out on our coffee table for a month or two and then they go on the bookshelf in my scrapbook room. I love mini albums because their is no pressure and they only take a few hours to make. I give them away as gifts too. They are perfect for the grandparents!


  8. Louise W.
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 09:21:28

    Great book for memories.


  9. SaraBug
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 09:24:23

    A beautiful album. Thanks for sharing. I wish I could journal like that.


  10. Kristan
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 09:56:10

    This is very pretty!! Love how every page blends so well!! Thanks for sharing


  11. nanci
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 10:04:43

    Love the book. Going to the beach in a few weeks. May have to make one


  12. Edna McGreevy
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 10:15:39

    very beautiful! love it


  13. Debbie Eslinger
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 10:21:42

    I love mini albums thanks for showing this
    upnurse at aol dot com


  14. love2getcrafty
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 10:24:31

    Very nice. Love the elegance!


  15. Sylvia Graham
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 10:41:10

    I love the book. I appreciate the detailed directions. I always learn something when I come to your blog. Thanks for the chance to win.


  16. eva
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 10:51:49

    THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL ALBUM!!! great job!!! <33


  17. Teresa Kaufhold
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 10:53:19

    That is such a great mini album! I love the directions you included….thank you so much for that! I would love to win the cartridge!
    Teresa K
    happiqueen at aol dot com


  18. Kris Dietz
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 10:56:11

    what a great mini album. I love all the details and the directions you included. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    dietzrobles at yahoo dot com


  19. Tina B.
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 11:50:23

    Your mini album is precious. I love do these. Thank you for your give away.
    Good Luck to everyone!


  20. Kelly Massman
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 11:51:37

    How pretty!


  21. Amy Wooten
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 12:00:20

    I love this book.Totally Inspired!


  22. Loretta
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 12:06:11

    Very nice! I love that you did not cut into the photos. Simple and sweet!!


  23. Bunnyfreak
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 12:16:39

    Love the neutral colors you used.


  24. Aman
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 13:22:06

    What a great mini book!

    amanbains1 at gmail dot com


  25. Dawn Lampman
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 15:30:42

    I love the family album, very pretty
    Dawn RI


  26. Phyllis
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 17:35:30

    Beautiful album. Thanks for sharing!


    Jun 23, 2011 @ 17:55:31

    what a great idea will def. be using it. thank you


  28. Stephenie
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 19:22:09

    What a great album! It is such beautiful way to share your memories and leave a record for family members.


  29. gshrader
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 20:04:15

    Adorable mini album! Thanks for sharing!
    gayle_shrader at yahoo dot com


  30. Ann
    Jun 23, 2011 @ 20:08:15

    Great album! Looks like a fun trip with lots of great memories.


  31. Ola Jaggers
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 02:08:24

    This is adorable!

    Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    okj83 at live dot com


  32. Bonita
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 05:54:58

    Really cute mini-album. Gonna try one one of these days. Thanks


  33. Bonita
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 05:55:19

    I am a follower.


  34. Lynne
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 10:29:27

    nice album


  35. Ann
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 14:14:34

    I’m an email subscriber.


  36. craftingwithsarah
    Jun 25, 2011 @ 04:29:30



  37. Sarah Walker Woodring
    Jun 25, 2011 @ 04:30:30



  38. Sarah Walker Woodring
    Jun 25, 2011 @ 04:31:21



  39. Debra
    Jun 25, 2011 @ 07:53:26

    OH! Beautiful and what a great idea for a grandma gift! Want it…


  40. Maria
    Jun 25, 2011 @ 13:29:46

    OMG! This album is so pretty!!! I love it!


  41. Terri Flint
    Jun 26, 2011 @ 19:19:09

    I have a friend that their whole family goes to the beach every year and she scrapbooks, I know that she would love this idea anddddddddd it is just her style.


  42. Scrappin Dhilly
    Jun 26, 2011 @ 21:57:08

    What a beautiful album! Great way to capture memories of a trip or outing!

    scrappindhilly at gmail dot com


  43. Sheri
    Nov 06, 2011 @ 12:37:13

    Love this idea. Very well executed. Thanks for sharing…


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