Sometimes we all need a little inspiration…

I think sometimes we all need a little inspiration and this week definitely feels like one of those weeks for me. I wanted to share a motivational quote I came across by Dewey Bozella, “Never let fear determine who you are and never let where you come from determine where you are going.”

I found several fun items at our local flee market… black lace (used for the trim under the skirt), cute flower appliques (the flower on the belt and in her hair), and I used an inexpensive book that I bought for less than $1 (I used this to make the body of the girl). Here are the instructions:

1. Paint canvas with acrylic paint in horizontal stripes with 4 coordinating paints. Then use a paper towel to blot the canvas to give the paint added texture and help blend the colors.

2. Use plastic trim with circles as a mask to paint circles on to the canvas (you can also use bubble wrap for a similar effect). Use circle shape as a stamp to make big painted circles for added layers and distressing.

3. Cut out a border using the Cricut Cake Basics cartridge to use as another mask. Adhere to the canvas with temporary adhesive and paint over the border shape. Remove the shape to reveal the non painted area.

4. Spray canvas with Glitter Mist (I used Tattered Angels Dazzling Diamonds).

5. Cut the body of the girl out of a newsprint, book, or text patterned paper. To make the skirt, cut strips and crinkle to give dimension. Add lace behind the skirt for depth. Use ribbon around waist.

6. Write quote on patterned paper, cut out and adhere to canvas.

7. Use Mod Podge to paint canvas. Let dry.

8. Adhere girl on the right side of the canvas.

9. Adhere flowers and embellishments to the lower left hand corner.

I hope you enjoyed the project… Have a great weekend.


Diana McGraw


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