Time to start getting ready for the holidays…

I know it seems early… but I am ready to start planning and crafting for the holidays! This is my favorite time of year. I love the decorations, hot cocoa, spending time with family, and I am excited because this will be my first year putting together a December Daily album. This week I thought I would use the Teresa Collins Sophisticated cartridge to create this garland that will be perfect for holiday or party decorating.

I love the color white at Christmas and this is a cute garland that uses white Bazzill cardstock, Hambly Screen Prints, and Winter Wonderland embossing powder.

Here are the instructions:

1. Cut 16 scalloped circles (Font 1, page 69) from Hambly Screen Print transparency. In this project I used Silver Birds on Wire. Cut the shape to 2.75″ and I used the heavy paper option and increased the number of time to cut to 2 and it worked great!

2. Cut 16 scalloped circles from Bazzill cardstock also to 2.75″. I left the setting on heavy paper, but changed the number of cuts back to 1.

3. Emboss the white cardstock using your favorite embossing powder. I used Jenni Bowlin Malted Milk Acrylic Paint Dabber, Hero Arts Graph Background stamp, and Stampendous Winter Wonderland embossing powder.

4. Use coordinating ribbon and sew the two scalloped circles (making sure the right side is facing outward) and place the ribbon between the two. Then use your sewing machine to stitch the pieces together. If you sew it with the transparency side up you will be able to see the ribbon to make sure you sewing straight.

5. Bend each circle in half outward so that the circle is dimensional.

You can always adjust the number of scalloped circles you cut depending on how long you want your garland and how much space you want in between each circle.

Well I hope you enjoyed the project and have a great weekend!


Diana McGraw


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