Cricut Craft Room and Linking your Cartridges

I thought I would provide a quick tutorial on the linking feature in the Cricut Craft Room. This feature will allow you to access the images on these cartridges in your account so that you do not have to physically place them in your cricut when you cut your project.

Your cricut machine may need a firmware update. Minimum firmware requirements are listed below:

Imagine: 117

Expression 2: 43

Expression / Cake: v.2.43

Create / Cake Mini: v.1.61

Personal Cutter: v.1.40

To link your cartridge to your account, follow these steps:

1. Log in to Cricut Craft Room using your account.

2. Create a project, click “cut” (circle in the upper right hand corner) and select your device (if your device does not show up, try disconnecting the USB cord and reconnecting it).

3. View the preview screen and adjust settings if desired. Click cut again.

4. When prompted, insert your cartridge into your Cricut machine. When the cartridge is detected, click “Link Cartridge”. Read the End User Agreement and click “Accept”.

The next time you cut with this cartridge using the Cricut Craft Room, you will notice a green “link” in the Cartridges Used list.

Note: A cartridge can only be linked to one account. You do NOT have to link a cartridge if you do not desire. You can click “Continue” to cut your project without linking the cartridge. If you do not link your cartridges, you will be prompted every time you cut to insert your cartridge. At this time, cartridges that have been linked to a Gypsy cannot be directly linked to a account. We will soon announce how you will be able to transfer all the cartridges that are linked to your Gypsy to your account in one simple action.


Diana McGraw


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Elizabeth
    Nov 26, 2011 @ 10:16:25

    I’ve got a question about linking cartridges.

    Say, I link the cartridge Winter Lace to my account.
    but then, my sister would like to borrow that cartridge and use her account.
    Even though the cartridge is linked to my account, will it still work for her to use as long as she’s got the physical copy of the cartridge?



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