Cricut Circle Event in Greenville, SC Layout and Calling Cards!

Hi, it’s Kendra here this Wednesday with a couple of projects to show you in relation to the Cricut Circle Event in Greenville South Carolina this past weekend!  So, while I was there, I created a really cool layout to pass around and have everyone sign as a momento!  (I am still waiting on my photo to arrive to finish the layout off… Sorry!)

The layout and Calling Cards were created using the brand new Go Canada! Cricut Cartridge and the Everyday Cricut Cricut Cartridge.

I also used the Cricut Circle Cuttlebug Embossing Folder

Here are my finished cards to share with you all!  I love how they turned out!

Kendra and Mike Wigton from Provo Craft!

Happy Scrappin”


Cricut Circle Layout/Picture from the Atlanta Ga Swarm

Hi, it’s Kendra here again on this lovely Tuesday.    I thought today, I would ask you a question.  Are you a Cricut Circle Member yet?  Well I am and I just love all the cartridges they have released so far!  Here are the Cricut Cartridges we have received so far this year!

French Manor

Shall We Dance?

Cricut Everyday

Everyday Pop Up Neighborhood is now shipping!

Pop Up Neighborhood

When you attend a Cricut Circle event, everyone makes 3″x3″ Calling cards with their contact information on them to exchange.  It is great fun making and collecting them all.  I decided this year to create mine displaying my favorite collectible…The Sock Monkey!  While I was at the swarm, I created a layout that matched it.  The Calling Card front and back are shown along with the flair for the State of Georgia!

Pictured: Shannon Lerner, Kendra Wiggins and Teresa Collins

 This particular layout was created using the B is for Boys Cricut Lite Cartridge and Paper by Echo Park!  The Layout is framed with a red 12×12 Scrapbooking frame and is going to be hung in my Studio.

 If you have not become a  Cricut Circle Member yet don’t delay!  Here is the link!  Hope to see you at the next Cricut Circle Swarm!

Happy Scrappin’

Cricut Circle Calling Cards

Hi, it is Kendra here again.  I am excited to show you my Cricut Circle Calling Cards that I have been making.
For all you Cricut Circle Members out there who are heading to the Cricut Circle Crops all around the country and are being asked to make 3″ calling cards for the drawings but don’t really know where to even start…this post is for you! 
These are my calling cards from CHA Summer 2010, CHA Winter 2011 and the Atlanta Cricut Circle Crop respectively.

The purpose of the calling card is to get to know each other better and be able to stay connected!  When you make your calling cards, you want to make enough that everyone coming to the crop gets to take one home.  It  In these photos, I did not include the backs of the cards which include my personal information so I can connect with the amazing Circlettes I meet at the crops.  You would put your name, phone number, email address and cricut circle number on the backs.  You can do this by printing it or handwriting it.

Summer CHA 2010 Calling Card

Winter CHA 2011 Calling Card

Atlanta 2011 Cricut Circle Crop Calling Card

 Happy Scrappin’

Cricut Circle Hairbow

Hi!  It’s Kendra here and this week I am so excited.  I am heading to Atlanta Ga on Thursday for the Cricut Circle Crop on Friday.  In honor of going, I decided that I wanted to make something festive to wear.  I came up with the Cricut Circle Hairbow.  It was pretty simple to make and only took a few minutes to complete. 

You will only need a few supplies to make your very own hairbow:

  • The Cricut Expression
  •  The Everyday Cricut Cartridge
  •  White Shrinky Dink
  • Green Lectraset ProMarker
  • A Very Sticky Mat
  • Heat Gun
  • a soda can to mold your hairbow around
  • Scissors

  1. Using the Cricut Expression and a Multicut of 2, Place the Shrinky Dink on a Sticky Mat and set your size to 8 inches.
  2. Select the Cricut Circle Logo from the Everday Cricut Cartridge and press Cut.
  3. Once the image has finished cutting, CAREFULLY remove it from your mat making sure that you do not to tear it. 
  4. Color the Logo with a Green Letraset Marker on both sides letting it dry in between.
  5. With the Heat Gun shrink the Shrinky Dink Material and while it is hot carefully mold around the soda can.
  6. Using the scissors, cut an 11 inch strip of Shrinky Dink material make the stick that hold your hairbow in your hair.  Be sure to make it wider on one end and narrow on the other end.  Color this green also and shrink it using the heat gun.

This is a great idea to make as gifts using squares, circles and even triangles.  I would love to see any hairbows that you happen to come up with.  Be sure to link your creations to our blog!

Happy Scrappin’