Random Crafts of Kindness using the Winter Frolic Cartridge

As many of you may know, my husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan and like many others he will not be returning home for the holidays. I thought I would pass on a little holiday cheer with a few small gifts for him to give to those that have not received any mail during deployment. It is hard to believe that your family wouldn’t send any letters or packages while you are deployed but my husband said there are a lot of soldiers that haven’t received anything.

So I put together a few gifts to thank them for their service. He said that during the little free time they have they like to watch movies and read books. Little random crafts of kindness go a long ways to helping spread the holiday cheer.


I used the Winter Frolic digital images along with the Cricut Craft Room to make these tags. If you haven’t tried Cricut Craft Room, it is amazing and I love it! Here are the instructions.

1. Using the Winter Frolic Cartridge Cut out the tag to 4″ wide.

2. Cut out the reindeer and the reindeer layer to 3.5″. I used a dark brown Bazzill cardstock and a lighter brown Bazzill cardstock that was embossed with little dots.

3. Cut out the layers for the reindeer (scarf) to 3.5″. I used a fun glitter red paper.

I used the Cricut Craft Room and it made it easy to see exactly where I would be placing each image so that I could cut everything out at once.

4. Add a bow to the top of the tag.

5. Print out a holiday message on cardstock, cut it into strips and adhere below the bow. Add staples for fun.

6. Adhere the reindeer (Reindeer), reindeer layer (Reindr-s), and scarf (Layer, shift).


Diana McGraw



What are you thankful for…

With Thanksgiving coming up next week, we have been busy getting in the spirit of the holidays. This week I wanted to share a Thankful mini album that I made for my little ones. Since my husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan, I thought it would be great for the boys to put together a list of everything they are thankful for and send it to their Daddy. Since he can’t be here, I thought we would bring some of the holidays to him.

For this project, I used the Cricut Craft Room and the Sophisticated cartridge. Here are the instructions.

1. Log in to Cricut Craft Room using your Cricut.com account.

2. Start a new project and open the Sophisticated Cartridge. Click on Phrase, Thankful. Change the size of the word to 5″ wide (make sure to leave the height and width linked so that the word will stay proportional).

3. Click cut. Select your device.

4. Review the preview screen and make the adjustments to Pressure and Speed depending on the type of paper you will be using. I used Basic Grey Little Black Dress and left my settings at 5 for speed and pressure. Click Cut again.

5. If you have not linked your cartridge, insert your cartridge when prompted. Load mat with paper. Your machine will then cut the phrase “Thankful”.

6. Then cut the pages of the album using Phrase, Frame4 on page 65 of you booklet. Cut as many pages as you would like to 5.75″ in width. I cut out 8 pages.

7. Using a crop-a-dile, punch a whole in each of the pages so that you can use a ring to attach the pages together.

8. Adhere Thanful to the cover of the album. I used the Xyron Creatopia which made it easy to adhere. Then decorate with ribbon, flowers, and stamp “This moment. This story. This day. This experience. This life.” using the Ali Edwards stamp collection. Finally I sprayed with glimmer mist Wheatfields to add a little bit of color.

Well I hope you enjoyed the project and will give Cricut Craft Room a try if you haven’t. Have a great weekend!


Diana McGraw


Cricut Craft Room and Linking your Cartridges

I thought I would provide a quick tutorial on the linking feature in the Cricut Craft Room. This feature will allow you to access the images on these cartridges in your Cricut.com account so that you do not have to physically place them in your cricut when you cut your project.

Your cricut machine may need a firmware update. Minimum firmware requirements are listed below:

Imagine: 117

Expression 2: 43

Expression / Cake: v.2.43

Create / Cake Mini: v.1.61

Personal Cutter: v.1.40

To link your cartridge to your Cricut.com account, follow these steps:

1. Log in to Cricut Craft Room using your cricut.com account.

2. Create a project, click “cut” (circle in the upper right hand corner) and select your device (if your device does not show up, try disconnecting the USB cord and reconnecting it).

3. View the preview screen and adjust settings if desired. Click cut again.

4. When prompted, insert your cartridge into your Cricut machine. When the cartridge is detected, click “Link Cartridge”. Read the End User Agreement and click “Accept”.

The next time you cut with this cartridge using the Cricut Craft Room, you will notice a green “link” in the Cartridges Used list.

Note: A cartridge can only be linked to one Cricut.com account. You do NOT have to link a cartridge if you do not desire. You can click “Continue” to cut your project without linking the cartridge. If you do not link your cartridges, you will be prompted every time you cut to insert your cartridge. At this time, cartridges that have been linked to a Gypsy cannot be directly linked to a Cricut.com account. We will soon announce how you will be able to transfer all the cartridges that are linked to your Gypsy to your Cricut.com account in one simple action.


Diana McGraw


Cricut Craft Room and the Bookmark Feature

I am playing with the Cricut Craft Room today and I thought it would be fun to share the bookmark feature with you. This feature allows you to indicate which cartridges you own so that you don’t have to scroll through the long list of ones you don’t. Once you log in to Cricut Craft Room and you open a project or start a new one, click on the green Options button on the left hand side of the screen. When the options menu opens you will see a gray button at the bottom of the menu that says “Edit Bookmarks”. Click on this button.

Another screen will open with all of the available cartridges. Look through the list and when you want to bookmark a cartridge click the green “add” button. If you add a cartridge by mistake and want to remove it, just click the brown “remove” button. You can also use the search feature to locate cartridges or the filter menu to list only certain types of cartridges.

Click continue when you are done making your selections. This will bring you back to the main screen. You can now click on the drop down filter menu “bookmarks” on the overlay or images tab at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to see only the cartridges you have bookmarked.

If you decide later on that you want to add or remove cartridges from your bookmark list, just click on options, edit bookmarks, make you changes and click continue.


Diana McGraw


Action Advent Calendars using Cricut Craftroom

With the official release of the Cricut Craft Room yesterday, I wanted to share a fun project that you can do with the Cricut Craft Room Basics. This is a free digital cartridge from Cricut to anyone who downloads Cricut Craft Room.

This action advent calendar will be great for your little ones. I used the Ali Edwards Action Advent Calendar from Designer Digital or you can make your own cards. This envelope is made for 2.75″ square cards. Just click on the picture below to see Ali’s post about this.

Here are the instructions on how to complete this project.

1. Download Cricut Craft Room application and for PC users make sure you have the correct drivers installed. For Macs you do not have to install drivers.

2. Once you are in the Cricut Craft Room, using the Cricut Craft Room Basics (click overlay, filter – All Types, click on Cricut Craft Room Basics), create a rectangle that is 4″ wide by 5.5″ tall.

3. Then create 2 rectangles that are .5″ wide and 2.5″ tall. Place them side by side and they will weld.

4. Then create the tag below 4″ wide and 2.5″ tall.

5. Then cut these shapes using double sided paper. I used Teresa Collins Christmas Home collection.

6. Score the envelope across where the tabs end. Fold the paper along the scored line. Also score each of the tabs. Fold them inward making a pocket. Adhere it closed.

7. Add ribbon across the front using staples on the edges of the envelope to give it added security.

8. Add a flower and any message you would like. I used the Making Memories stickers and added “Be Merry”.

9. Then add your cards with all of action items. Mine include things like make snowflakes to send to Daddy (He is currently deployed to Afghanistan and will miss the holidays), help Mommy make cookies, make a card for Grandma, tell a friend at school he is cool, read little brother a book, call Grandpa and tell him you love him, make a list for Santa, help pick out a Christmas tree, make an ornament for the tree, and tell Mommy 10 things you are thankful for.

I love how these turned out and we are planning on making several sets for my children to give away next week to their friends. This is also a great idea for adding additional journaling to your scrapbook layouts or a mini album. I plan on using it for my December Daily album too. You can see my foundation pages here.

I hope you enjoy playing with the Cricut Craft Room this weekend.


Diana McGraw


Time to start getting ready for the holidays…

I know it seems early… but I am ready to start planning and crafting for the holidays! This is my favorite time of year. I love the decorations, hot cocoa, spending time with family, and I am excited because this will be my first year putting together a December Daily album. This week I thought I would use the Teresa Collins Sophisticated cartridge to create this garland that will be perfect for holiday or party decorating.

I love the color white at Christmas and this is a cute garland that uses white Bazzill cardstock, Hambly Screen Prints, and Winter Wonderland embossing powder.

Here are the instructions:

1. Cut 16 scalloped circles (Font 1, page 69) from Hambly Screen Print transparency. In this project I used Silver Birds on Wire. Cut the shape to 2.75″ and I used the heavy paper option and increased the number of time to cut to 2 and it worked great!

2. Cut 16 scalloped circles from Bazzill cardstock also to 2.75″. I left the setting on heavy paper, but changed the number of cuts back to 1.

3. Emboss the white cardstock using your favorite embossing powder. I used Jenni Bowlin Malted Milk Acrylic Paint Dabber, Hero Arts Graph Background stamp, and Stampendous Winter Wonderland embossing powder.

4. Use coordinating ribbon and sew the two scalloped circles (making sure the right side is facing outward) and place the ribbon between the two. Then use your sewing machine to stitch the pieces together. If you sew it with the transparency side up you will be able to see the ribbon to make sure you sewing straight.

5. Bend each circle in half outward so that the circle is dimensional.

You can always adjust the number of scalloped circles you cut depending on how long you want your garland and how much space you want in between each circle.

Well I hope you enjoyed the project and have a great weekend!


Diana McGraw


Trick or Treat

I thought I would share a cute Trick or Treat frame that you can use for home decor during Halloween or a sign you can put out with your candy. I used the Cake Basic cartridge to create the background and the trick or treat words. I love the shimmery cardstock bazzill has come out with… it gives it a little something extra without being over the top.

Here are the directions.

1. Cut out 15 Filgree 3 shapes to 3″ out of bazzill cardstock.

2. Adhere to the center of 12″ by 12″ white bazzill cardstock in an alternating pattern.

3. Cut the background down to 8″ by 10″ to put in the frame. This will make your pattern look seamless.

4. Cut out 2″ letters for the message you want to make and adhere on top of the pattern.

5. Add a bow at the bottom.

Have a happy halloween and enjoy the weekend!


Diana McGraw

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