Screen Printed Jewelry finds on Etsy

Fabulous Finds Friday is all about screen-printing. On my quest to find unique jewelry to feature, I decided to checkout Etsy. My search this week consisted of screen-printed jewelry. So many items came up. I looked at such a variety of fun and funky screen-printed jewelry. I settled on featuring these 2 artists screen-printed lovelys. If you own a Yudu you could be creating these lovelys for yourself. I have been inspired to give making screen-printed jewelry a try.

I hope you have a Fabulous Friday and check these talented ladies out.

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Fabulous Finds Friday “Something Sublime”

I am always fascinated by mixing old with new and still having that special spark. Deryn Mentock is a teacher and amazing jewelry designer. Her blog is filled with so much inspiration and wonderful tutorials. I think you will find her work will inspire and leave you heading out the door to find some wire and beads. I was unable to grab her blog header to post here so I used her Etsy store.

Here are a few pictures from her tutorials each will link you to the actual tutorial.

                Wire  Jewelry Tutorial                                                                                

Bead Reaming 101

Ear Wire Tutorial

Happy Friday and happy Jewelry Making. I hope we have inspired you to try something new and creative this week.

Have a creative day

Michelle Van Etten

Tasha McKelvey’s clay jewelry is fly-away fantastic

I like the peeps who do a little bit of everything… or in this case a lotta everything.

I found Tasha McKelvey’s blog through one of my favorite places to indulge in craft goodness: Indie Fixx ( I am a deep believer in the power of a little blue bird to bring me happiness, and it seems Tasha has her stock in trade in that hopeful little creature. You will find the bird (my favorite animal, you may have noticed) flocking to her clay creations—jewelry and charming little bowls.

Tasha is a brilliant ceramicist who can capture delight in the smallest of pieces. Necklaces dangle with birds perched upon sweet flowers, or tiny flowers colored with delicate glazes. Here’s what Tasha has to say about her craft:

“My clay jewelry came about as part of an evolution of working on my larger scale functional clay work. The early ceramic jewelry pieces I created looked very similar to my pottery vessels and dishes – the same textures, patterns and glazes. Eventually, I realized that small scale ceramic work provided infinitely more opportunities to experiment with clays, glazes and firing techniques than larger clay work. My ceramic jewelry soon took on a style of its own, separate from my pottery. I now create hand-carved molds using geometric and botanical designs specifically for my jewelry line instead of using the carved molds intended for my functional pottery.”

I have to go now…one of her necklaces is calling to me.

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Embossed Metal Earrings (with a Cuttlebug!!)

I love using my Cuttlebug to emboss metal!  It’s so fun to be able to create custom metal embellishments for what ever project I’m working on.  Today, that project is a new pair of earrings!!  I used two circle pieces of metal from Vintaj and some gorgeous green beads to make them.

Making jewelry can be intimidating for some, but if you can close a jump ring you can make these! Seriously, that’s the hardest part!!

Click here to download the free tutorial on how to make your own!!

Happy crafting!!