Solar System Tote bag!

It’s Kendra here and I need to apologize for being so late.  I have had a houseful of sick kiddos and I am definitely running behind.

My project this week is a Solar System Tote bag that was created with the Solar System CCR Exclusive Digital Images a tie-dyed t-shirt and “white” blue jean fabric, Blue and Green Fabric and Steam-a-Seam.

I wanted to create the bag with a little surprise inside.  Thus the Earth inside.



My daughter Anika was so excited when she saw this bag.  She cannot wait to start using it.  🙂

What would you use this Digital Cartridge to make?  I can’t wait to hear!

Happy Scrappin”


Growl Rumble Roar! Tiger Baby Quilt

Hi, It’s Kendra here on this October Hello Thursday and I am so excited to bring you the Growl Rumble Roar Tiger Baby Quilt. It was so much fun to create! You are going to find that the Noah’s ABC Animals is a cartridge you are going to want to purchase! Be sure to check back throughout the whole week for lots of more amazing projects!

It is so soft and cuddly with a cow print fleece on the back and bright, colorful fun fabrics on the front!

The words Growl Rumble Roar! going down the side create just a little extra fun and a little more color and texture.

Once the hand embroidering was completed I machine stippled the entire quilt with free motion quiting.

This project used the Cricut Expression 2, Noah’s ABC Animals and multiple colors of fabric and fleece for the backing! Hope you create one of these for your own little one or as a gift! This cartridge was so much fun to work with and is an absolute must have for your Cricut Cartridge Library! 🙂

Happy Scrappin’

“My Quilt” Journals…My DIY Project!

Hi, it’s Kendra here.  I know that it is later than usual for my post but my project has taken forever today!  This weekend I have 4 Quilt projects in The Pieceful Hearts Quilt Show:  Quilting On The River in North Augusta, South Carolina.  I would love to see you there if you live anywhere near!  There is a special table where members of the guild can sell projects they have made.  My post today is about one of the projects I will be selling at the Quilt Show.  I spent hours and hours creating a Quilting Journal page layouts, that then took hours and hours to print.  I have 15 just about finished and am trying to complete 20 by tomorrow.  I still have the Quilt Block and Needle and Thread to cut out  from Country Life Cricut Cartridge for the fronts of the books along with the title My Quilts.  I will post what they look like once I get that part cut out!

Here are the almost finished “My Quilt” Journals

As soon as I get the rest of the Journals cut out and assembled and the Quilt block, Needle and Thread cut out from Country Life Cricut Cartridge I will post another completed photo!

Happy Scrappin’




Re-Purpose T-shirts into Grocery Bags And Help The Environment!

It’s Kendra here, and I have a brand new hobby…It’s call Pinterest! If you have not tried Pinterest yet, let me tell you…you are definately missing out! Be sure to let me know if you want an invite. I will need your email address! 😉 Anyway, I was browsing all of the awesome ideas and came across t-shirt grocery bags. Here is my Cricut take on them!

I tie-dyed tons of t-shirts this summer and a few of them either turned out super ugly or with not enough color. Those are the t-shirts that I chose to use but you can use t-shirts you have outgrown or that you purchase at a yardsale or thrift store. I used my Cricut Expression 2 and Gypsy to create this bags as well as my sewing machine and my Fiskars Micro-tipped Scissors. The cartridges I used were Everyday Paper Dolls and Plantin Schoolbook. I altered the size of the purse on Everday Paper Dolls to fit a 12×12 piece of cardstock and stretched it to completely fill the paper. You will select Real-Dial Size to accomplish this. Here are some photos of the process.

The rectangle one was created using Plantin Schoolbook and turing it 90 degrees and then stretching it to 11.5 inches tall and as wide as it goes. I used 12×24 cardstock for this project. Here are the photos for it!

The slits in the t-shirt help it to stretch and fit a whole lot more into the bag than it would if there were no slits. This is a great way to help save the planet! What kinds of stores would you take to use your bag in? I can’t wait to hear! 🙂

I just realized that I forgot to take a good photo of the ugly one. So sorry! 🙂

Happy Scrappin’

Pink T-shirt Restyled

It is Re-style week at Mixology Crafts stick around to see what we come up with.

Cyndi of Lovely Lula Here. I had a stretched out, plain, pink t-shirt that I decided to give a re-style to. I cut the shirt up the front and pulled it in together to “tighten up” the shirt and then sewed it back together.

I cut a piece of pink patterned fabric and ironed it into a pocket shape. I cut a squirrel on my Cricut using the Create A Critter Cartridge out of black construction paper and used that to burn a screen on my YUDU. I then screen printed the squirrel onto canvas in pink ink on the YUDU. I ironed it to the pocket using Heat-n-Bond and then sewed the squirrel pocket to the t-shirt.

Now I have a re-styled, new feeling t-shirt in pink to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Happy crafting xoxo Cyndi aka Lovely Lula Follow me on Twitter I am Lab5 and on the Lovely Lula Facebook Page.

A Meow Of A Chair!

Hi, it’s Kendra here again on this wonderful Tuesday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I know I did with the launch of the Cricut Expression 2 with HSN! It was great chatting with so many of you…I hope I inspired you to take the plunge and purchase the CE2. You are going to just love it!

Design on a Dime is the theme this week and boy oh boy did I have the perfect fixer-upper! I had purchased on old vanity desk last summer that came with a chair. The chair was upholstered with the most hideous awful brown fabric and my youngest daughter refused to even have it in her room. If I put it in there she would carry it back to the garage! Well, did I fix that today! I started out with a piece of cotton quilt batting and drew a straight line on it, down the center. I then took strips of fabric that coordinate with her room and started sewing them in random order using the straight line as a starting point to keep the sewing straight.

Using the Cricut Expression 2, Black, Green and Hot Pink Fabric and Heat-N-Bond, I cut the cat from the Cricut American Alphabet out at 10 inches in.

Black Cross Stitch Thread was then used to Blanket Stitch around the Cat. Once this was complete, the cat was centered on the seat and using a Power Shot Stapler and the seat board was upholstered. I still am going to be painting the chair white…but that is for another day!

When I went to put the chair away, Anika told me to be careful with it, she did not want it ruined! I believe that means I had SUCCESS! What do you all think?

Happy Scrappin’

Cat And Mouse Pictures – Great gift idea!

Hi! It’s Kendra Wiggins here again! With Christmas just around the corner, I thought that these pictures would be just perfect for those of you trying to think of things to make as gifts.

I spent the entire last week painstakingly stripping wall paper off of my daughters bedroom wall and painting her room a beautiful Twist of Lime shade of green. I designed these pictures to match her new room and as part of her Christmas gift. She is absolutely in love with Cats so I thought the Cat And Mouse theme would be precious. I chose the color by going to her quilt and they match just perfectly! I hope that you take the time and create a little homemade goodness for those that you love.

The Cat!

The Mouse!

Here are the complete instuctions!

Cat and Mouse Pictures Instructions By Kendra Wiggins

Be sure to check out my blog!

Happy Scrappin’

Kendra Wiggins

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