Altered Ceiling Fan Blades Cricut Gypsy

 Altered Ceiling Fan Blades 

By Michelle Van Etten 


Altered Ceiling Fan Blades 



Copyright Michelle Van Etten 2010 

Provo Craft Supplies Used: 


Wall Décor Cartridge 


Vinyl red 

12×24 mat 

Other Supplies: 

Black paint I used the Krylon fusion but if I had to do it again I would use the Krylon glossy finish. 

Fan blades any size I used a 52 inch. I have one more blade but needed to repaint it. 


1. I used my gypsy to cut out my phrases from the Wall Décor. 

2. The phrases I chose were Imagine, Dream, Inspire, Believe, Wisdom I used the function key of the A with flourishes. All Phrases were 15″x3.5″ inches 

3. Cut out all the phrases in the red vinyl follow the instructions on the vinyl package. This will produce the a kiss Cut. 

4. Now you need to weed out all the small pieces so all that is left is the words. 

5. You will have to use the transfer paper to get the words off the mat. 

6. Now to prepare the blades. I just cleaned off my old blades that had paint splatters. I did not even tape them off. I painted the blades using the Fusion Krylon paint which was matte finish. I will have to seal the blades with poly acrylic clear coat. 

7. Once the blades dried I transferred the phrases to each one of the blades. 

8. I wanted to add decoration as I used to sell ceiling fans on Ebay but this room is just way to decorate the fan needed to be less distracting. 

9. Now just place the blades back up and enjoy. 

Michelle retains all rights to these instructions not to be distributed without consent 2010.

To Join the 30 days of creativity challenge check out my blog and leave a comment. 

etsy shop is open Copyright Michelle Van Etten 2010 



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